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4-girls-laughingI don’t generally like to talk about myself. But that's what you're supposed to do on about pages, so thanks for suffering through this!  I have included some stories I think you'll find amusing about all the coins I've lost practicing, my rocky start as a St Louis magician, etc.

The rest of the site is about more important things—your event and how we can help you make it optimally successful.

Magical Highlights

I am fortunate to have performed in:


Hollywood at The Magic Castle 


Las Vegas 


3-month national tour for General Motors 

St Louis Magician

I am a Comedy Magician based in St. Louis, Missouri. So naturally, in addition to the above, I have performed at many corporate meetings and banquets, open houses, cocktail parties, holiday parties, adult birthday parties, etc. I have performed magic in most of the 50 states, and in several countries. I also perform locally throughout MO and IL.

My Philosophy: Entertainment First

Have you ever sat through a procession of boring card tricks? I have and it put me to sleep!

My performing philosophy is that first and foremost, my goal is to entertain. Comedy and audience interaction are prevalent throughout my magic. Of course, I strive to do strong magic that will wow the crowd. I’ve practiced many years on my sleight of hand. Do you have any idea how many quarters and half dollars I’ve lost in movie theaters practicing my coin roll and various palms!

My college roommate used to say that instead of rooming with me, he should have been the one that came after me, as then he would have found a lot of coins under the bed, in the floor vents, etc.

So if you want a magician who is going to do 1 card trick after another that drones on forever, I am not your person. However, if you want a magician who is going to entertain your guests—get them laughing, having fun, and amazed with a childlike sense of wonder—I would be a good choice for your event.

Brief Magical Bio

Presto the Magician

St Louis Magician starting out

My dad travelled a lot for work when I was growing up. One week he was working in New York and he ran into W. Clement Stone (known for the power of positive thinking) in the hotel gift shop. Stone told my dad that every kid should have a magic set. There was one for sale in the shop, so my dad brought it home for me. I was 8 years old and I loved it! Most kids are smart enough to put it away at some point. I never was, and love entertaining people with magic still today.

I started performing at kids birthday parties when I was 12. My mom would drive me around on weekends. "Presto the Magician" was my magic name.

My career as a St Louis magician didn't start out very well. In my first paid show (which I charged $6 for, by the way), I was letting the kids make their own goodie bags from prizes I had brought. The children were supposed to get 8 prizes each--but one child filled his bag so full that he could hardly lift it! Fortunately an observant parent pointed this out, otherwise I'd have been cleaned out right from the start!

Later Years

Fortunately things improved after that.  I did magic through high school and college. When I graduated, I became a full-time magician, focusing on trade shows and corporate events. I went back to school and got my Masters in Business to learn more formally the business end of the entertainment business.

In 2005 I started Abra-Kid-Abra. It taught magic to kids in after school classes and summer camps. I was shy as a child, and bullied in middle school. Magic helped me come out of my shell. I wanted to teach magic to children to help them develop their self confidence. We wound up teaching kids in over 100 schools and camps. In 2018 I sold Abra-Kid-Abra to our general manager, Dan Davis.

Today my main focus in magic is performing for corporate events, adult parties, and at high school after prom and project graduation parties. I still enjoy performing for children and do it occasionally when I can.

magician st louis - party center

Magicians St Louis

St. Louis and magic have a rich history together.  Harry Blackstone would often start his national tours at the American Theater in downtown St. Louis. Bud Dietrich was a legendary trade show magician who was my mentor and got me into doing auto shows years ago. Brother John Hamman, one of the greatest card magicians in the world, lived in St. Louis. I was fortunate to take some lessons from him, and still do some of the tricks he taught me today. If you are searching for magicians St Louis, hopefully I can help carry on this great tradition and help you have a wonderful event!

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