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You've been to a lot of parties.  You've seen it all in term of entertainment--DJ, band, caricature artist, karaoke,...  All of these are fun. But there's one party I'll bet you've never experienced--one of the most fun and unique events you'll ever attend.  Presenting...The Magicians Party!


3 Magicians Party

Ambience and Decor

magicians party centerpieces

When you arrive at the event, smoke is oozing out the front entrance. Something mysterious and exciting is in the air!

When you enter, you see the magical centerpieces--black top hats with rabbits, playing cards, and flowers.

Even the hors d'oeuvres are magic-themed:  magic mushroom risotto, prosciutto magic wands wrapped around cream cheese,...

Magic Show Party

magicians party

Guests are divided into 3 groups, with each group going to a different room. Each group enjoys a close up magic performance by a different magician.  The groups rotate through each room, so everyone enjoys 3 different magic shows by different performers, each with their own style!

Dinner can be served before the shows. Or serve heavy hors d'oeuvres between the shows.

In between shows, guests refill their drinks. The talk, of course, is about what they just saw.  "How on earth did he do that!"  "Where did that giant ball come from?" "Wasn't that hysterical when Harry was shuffling the invisible cards?"...

At the end of the party, your guests learn and take home a magic trick that they can have fun performing for their kids, at the office, etc. This magical souvenir makes a great party favor that they'll keep for a long time.

Your guests take home a fun momento of their magical evening.

They snap a photo of themselves starring as magician & rabbit coming out of the hat!

We provide you with a treasure trove of ideas for magic-themed invitations, food, and decor  to help make your party sizzle!

What Makes A Magicians Party So Fun and Special?

Intimate Entertainment

Because the guests are in small groups, the magic happens just a few feet away. When the magician is on stage and you are sitting in the 20th row, who knows what sort of secret wires and mirrors he could using that can't be seen from far back. But when you are just a few feet away, it makes for a very personable performance!

Interactive Banter

The close proximity and small group nature lends itself to a lot of interactivity and comical banter between the magician and the guests. You're not sitting in the back of the room watching a program. You're up close and part of the comedy and fun magic!

3 Different Styles of Magic

magicians party entertainer

Most people have not seen one live, close up magician, let alone 3 different ones in a single evening!  Each magician has a distinct personality and performance style, which makes for nice variety during the evening.

One magician might be more comical. One might feature amazing sleight of hand. Another might bumble along and seem to be messing up his tricks to the point that you almost feel sorry for the poor guy! But then he pulls it out at the end, surprising everyone with his amazing feats!

Guest Buzz

This is the type of party that generates a lot of buzz. Your guests will be talking about this and remembering it for a long time! In fact, two clients for whom we’ve done these—one a country club and the other, an individual—have enjoyed these so much, that each has had us provide a magicians party for them 3 times!

It's no wonder that this sort of format is a highlight at magicians conventions. They call it round robin close up magic. It is so popular there, that this has become a staple at magic conventions throughout the world.

Book A Magicians Party

Next time you want to give your guests a really fun, unique experience, we hope you'll book a magicians party. For more info, please contact us. You and your guests will be glad you did!