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Make excitement appear at your event with a close up magician!

Up Close Magic

close-up magic at cocktail party

“Thanks for your ‘brilliant’ performance at the Cargill Feedlot Seminar. You kept 'em spellbound and were certainly the topic of conversation the next day. I kept hearing remarks like, "Did you see that trick with the dollar bill?" Or "How did he get that guy's ring on his keychain?" This was one of the most entertaining evenings the Feedlot Seminar has ever enjoyed.”
- Monica Sirek, Sales Promotion Manager, Cargill

There are 2 types of up close magic:

Strolling Magician

Up Close magic is personalized entertainment. Your guests get a show just for them!

Many people have never seen professional magic done right under their noses. Close up magic is a fun, intimate, interactive experience that your guests will long remember and talk about!

close up magician performance

“All of us remain absolutely baffled by the excellent array of close up magic you performed for our reception last Tuesday. Please accept our sincere thanks for adding good humor and amazing entertainment to our gathering.”
- Robert Wilson, Missouri Bus and Truck Association

The close up magician roves from one group to another, giving each group their own, individual performance! Walk around magic is well suited for a cocktail hour where your guests are standing around. It also works well going from table to table—for instance, at a banquet or luncheon. It can be done before, during or after the meal.

For events where your guests are coming and going, a strolling magician works very well. For instance, an open house, a cocktail party, a grand opening, …

Strolling close up magic can stand on its own, or it can warm up the crowd for a show. For instance, at a banquet, a great combination is doing walk around magic during the social hour as an appetizer. Then the after dinner show is the main course.

Table Magician

table magic

“When you see a magician on stage, you figure he has wires or things up his sleeve that I can’t see, being far away. But when he does things 1 foot away and I still can’t see what he’s doing—that is impressive!”

Table magic is a second form of close up magic. Instead of strolling, the close up magician performs at a table and guests gather round to enjoy the show. Multiple table magic shows can be presented at various times throughout your event. For more info, see our Magicians Party page.

With a stage show, guests are typically seated at banquet tables, or theater style in rows. With a table magician, guests are much closer for a more intimate magical experience. They may be seated in a C or U shape around the table, with possibly some guests standing in back if they prefer.

Performing Close Up at The Magic Castle

Hollywood's Magic Castle is the mecca for experiencing magic. They are very selective about who they let perform there, yet somehow I got past their radar and have been fortunate to perform close up magic there during 3 weeklong engagements.

If you are ever in Los Angeles and have a free evening, the Magic Castle is an adventure not to be missed!

The Magic Castle"On behalf of the members of the Academy of Magical Arts and all of the guests that saw your performances last week, I want to thank you for a job well done. I heard nothing but compliments on your performance and we do hope you will return to Los Angeles in the not too distant future."
- William Larsen, President, The Magic Castle

Close Up Magician for Hire

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