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It’s always nice to provide something for your guests to take away as a favor. How about giving them magical party favors to take home, so they can amaze their friends & family?

Here is a sample take home trick that is fun and easy to do:

We offer 2 types of magic take-home tricks. One is designed for banquets and the other more for open houses and events without a sit down meal.

Ice Breakers – Great for Sit Down Meal Events

magical party favors - ice breaker tricks

At each place setting is a colored envelope. Inside are instructions for a magic trick using objects found at the dinner table. Guests can perform their trick for others at their table. Then take it home to show or give to their kids, grandkids, …

Each person at the table receives instructions for a different trick. So if there are 8 people at a table, they can show 8 different tricks to each other.

These favors are called “Ice Breakers” because they are a great conversation piece and way to get people at the table interacting and having fun. It accentuates the magic theme with the cocktail hour magic and after dinner show.

Sometimes the magician will circulate during dinner to help people with their ice breaker tricks. The magician will answer any questions, show people how to do their trick if they need a hand, and get your guests having fun showing their tricks to one another.

Magical Souvenir – Great for Open Houses


This idea works well if you are not having a sit-down meal—at an open house or home party, for instance.

Each guest takes home a magic trick that they can quickly learn and amaze friends and family. Your organization’s logo can be printed on this take-home trick. The magician teaches everyone how to do it after his performance, and your guests can practice on each other to make sure they have it down.

Shown above is a holiday-themed trick, perfect for the Christmas season. Other magical party favors are available for other occasions. One can even be themed around your organization’s work.

When we put on a 3 magicians party, each of the 3 groups gets a different take home trick. Then, not only can they show their trick to the kids or grand kids, but they can have fun sharing their trick that night at your party with guests from other groups!

Add Magical Party Favors to Your Event

For more information on magical party favors can enhance your magical event, please call or email us.