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“Thank you for your magic show performance at Greg and Cindy's rehearsal dinner. Your show was amusing, entertaining, and professional; it certainly contributed toward making the event enjoyable for all who attended.”
- Richard Battram

Planning a wedding is a big job. So many details to take care of! You will likely be very busy at your wedding with photos, and everyone coming up and congratulating you. How do you insure that your guests are well tended to and that they have a great time at your wedding reception?

With a wedding magician, of course!

Our wedding magician provides tableside entertainment for your guests. They get their own, personalized show! Your attendees will laugh and be amazed as the magic happens 3 feet away from them, right at their table.

If you like, we can also perform a little magic in front of everyone. For instance, a special trick involving the bride and groom. By and large, however, strolling close up magic is mainly how the wedding magician entertains.

Bridal Magazine Survey Findings

There are so many details to plan at a wedding--the wedding venue, the attire, the flowers, the food,...  Most wedding have a DJ or band, and maybe a photo booth. But that's usually about it for the entertainment.

In Bridal Magazine's survey of 1000 brides, 88% said they wished they had invested more in the entertainment.  Why?  Entertainment, though often overlooked, is what elevates the atmosphere of an event, and insures that everyone has a great time.

Why Have a Magician at Your Wedding Reception?

wedding magician

Here are 5 considerations:

  1. It makes your wedding event different and special. Magicians, at least in the U.S., are not commonplace at weddings, so having one will add a magic touch to make your event special for your guests!
  2. Magic is a great ice breaker during the cocktail hour. Guests don't know each other? Magic connects people from different generations, or who many not know people at your reception. Are you having people of different ages at your wedding--kids, teens, adults, seniors?  Magic appeals to all ages!
  3. During the dancing, there are always some who don't dance. Magic provides entertainment for them, transforming their experience from feeling awkward because they aren't comfortable dancing to having fun laughing and being amazed at the magic happening 2 feet away!
  4. Magic can add a touch of class to your reception. A well dressed magician providing personalized entertainment for your guests tableside.  Your guests will feel very special having a show just for them!
  5. If things are running behind, the magician can fill in the gaps by entertaining your guests. They won't even notice any delays or snafus, should any arise.


Magician Weddings

wedding magician entertains guests

"Everyone at the Rehearsal Dinner enjoyed your tricks. It was a delightful magic show! You put the icing on the cake with your finale for a magical evening."
- Lois Goldberg

Having a magician at weddings is very commonplace in the United Kingdom. In fact, magicians are so popular at U.K. weddings that it is unusual not to have a magician. You book the hall, then the DJ, then book the magician.

In the United States, magician weddings are becoming more popular. Strolling, close up magic adds so much fun for your guests, that it is easy to see why including a magician as part of wedding festivities is on the rise.

Hire Magician for Wedding

Ready to hire a wedding magician? We’d love to discuss your event and how we can help make it even more special.

We are based in St Louis, so many of our weddings are in MO and IL. We do travel nationally, so glad to serve you wherever your wedding may be.

Please contact us for more information.