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corporate magicianPlanning a banquet, sales meeting, or other corporate function? A Corporate Magician is a great way to add laughter and fun, and make it an event that your guests will long remember!


"Any performer who could keep 400 people spellbound for even 15 minutes has to have some magic up his sleeve. Your rapport with the audience was superb. I have heard nothing but excellent comments. Thanks for making our banquet a truly memorable evening."
- Virginia Kempland, U.S. Bank

Banquet Magician


“Excellent job entertaining at our Fort Scott, KS employee awards dinner. I've heard many comments about how clever you are and what a good rapport you create with your audience. Quite frankly, I had some reservations about the appropriateness of magical entertainment for the hospital employees. However, you wiped away the few doubts I had.”
- Walter Bohn, Sisters of Mercy

Have you ever listened to an after dinner speaker droning on and on, and you wondered when the guy was going to be done? With our banquet magic, you’ll experience the opposite.

Your guests will laugh, have fun, and delighted by the entertainment.

We offer 3 options for banquet/corporate entertainment:

Comedy Magic Show

Our comedy magic show will get your guests laughing and enjoying themselves. If there are particular guests you’d like us to call up as assistants, we are glad to try to do so, and have some good natured fun with them.

We can also work your company name or products into the show a bit if you'd like us to customize the presentation.

We can even make your CEO magically appear, magically change an outgoing officer into the incoming officer, saw the president in half, etc.!

Strolling Close Up Magic

During the cocktail hour, we can warm up the crowd with walk around, up close magic. They’ll be amazed when magical things happen in their hands, and they are only 12 inches away! Strolling close up magic is a great way for us to get to know your guests a bit, get them laughing and loosened up, and whet their appetite for the after dinner show.

Take-Home Magic Souvenirs

Give your guests a magical favor to take home. This is different from the usual party favors they get, and something they’ll have fun showing to their friends and family.


Sales Meeting Entertainer


“Thank you for recommending Jeff to perform his magic at the Alvey sales meeting. His act was universally approved, and he conducted himself extremely well. We particularly appreciated the way he tied his act into the Alvey meeting them and Alvey products, and how well he related with the Alvey salespeople whom he involved in part of the show.”
- James Stobie, Frank Block Associates

Magic is a great way to:

  • Liven up a sales meeting
  • Convey key information about your products in a memorable way
  • Make the CEO magically appear, saw the CEO in half, turn one executive into another,…


Open House or Grand Opening


"Thank you for playing a large part in the success of our open house again this year."
- Don Hiemenz, Donovan Industrial Supply Corporation

Planning an open house or grand opening? For events like this where your guests are coming and going throughout the event, our close up magic is a great way add to the fun of your event!

Your clients will be amazed at the magic that happens right under their noses! They get close up, personalized entertainment which they’ll remember for a long time.

Holiday Party Entertainment

Christmas party magician - tie trick

“Thank you for appearing at our Christmas Open House. The event was a great success and your performances contributed immensely. The feedback I have received has been nothing but positive.”
- Bill Gergholtz, Maritz Motivation Company

Planning a holiday party for your employees or clients? We’d love to help you make this magical time of year even more magical for your guests!

Our comical magic show can include a holiday theme. If Santa is making an appearance, we can magically bring him in!

Strolling close up magic during the cocktail hour loosens up your guests, gets them laughing, and whets their appetite for the after dinner show.

A magical take-home trick with which your guests can amaze their kids or grandkids is icing on the cake!

For more information, see our holiday party entertainment page.

Magician Corporate Events

We’ve covered some of the more common magician corporate events with which we typically assist. If your corporate event was not covered here, please contact us. We’d love to discuss options and see if we can help you make it an even bigger success!

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