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"Your professional performance, creative light-hearted comedy, and warm personality blended very well with the group at our meeting. I heard many favorable comments throughout the evening."
- Russell Mushro, Saga Food Service

Congratulations on seeking a magician for hire. You’ve made a wise decision.

This page addresses 2 questions:

  1. Why hire a magician?
  2. Why me?

Hire A Magician

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“Thank you for sharing your magic with us. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. You added life to our event!"
- Kristin Lees, Maritz Motivation Company

Here are 5 reasons to hire a magician:

  1. Everyone loves magic. It’s a popular choice that will be a big hit with your guests.
  2. Magic is special. People don’t see magic very often. Some may never have seen magic live. When you hire a magician, you are bringing your guests a special treat that they rarely get.
  3. Magic appeals to all ages. How many other entertainments can you think of that do that? So whether you have 30-80 year olds, or even some kids, magic appeals to any age.
  4. Magic creates a sense of wonder. Remember when you had a sense of wonder as a kid? Too bad that we lose that as adults, isn’t it? Magic bring it back!
  5. Comedy magic gets your guests enthralled and having a great time. Well entertained. After all, that’s what you want out of your entertainment, isn’t it?

Rent a Magician – Jeff Lefton

Alright, so you are convinced you should find a magician for hire (or, as some say, “rent a magician”). Why Comedy Magician, Jeff Lefton?

magician for hire - jeff lefton

"I was particularly impressed by your ability to relate to your audience. Your magic while circulating among my employees at our hospitality suite was outstanding. The structured performance later, after dinner, was icing on the cake! A number of my people told me it was our best meeting ever. The only difference between this one and any other was you!"
- Joel Volker, Manager, Insurance Services Office of Missouri


  • Connects well with audiences. He has a great presence that your guests will love.
  • Will get your guests laughing and having fun. He’s funny with his self-deprecating sense of humor.
  • Is professional and easy to work with. He’ll send you a written confirmation; Touch base a few days prior; Arrive early so you don’t get nervous.
  • Offers a great array of options – comedy magic show, strolling close up magic, magical take-home souvenirs. Even a 3-magician evening of magic .
  • Performs great magic and sleight of hand. At times, you think he's messed up, and almost feel sorry for him. But then he pulls it out and wows everyone!

When you want to rent a magician, make it Jeff Lefton!


Magician for Hire Near Me

Jeff Lefton is based in St Louis, MO and travels nationally.

If you seek a comedy magician for hire, please call or email us. We'd love to learn more about your event and suggest ways we can contribute to your success!