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Planning an after prom party? So many possible activities to choose from! What attractions will you provide that will create the most fun for your students? One of the best ideas is an after prom magician.

“On behalf of Van-Far High School, I wish to say “thank you” for a most entertaining performance. We had a more positive response to your entertainment than to anything else! Thanks for making our after prom party so magical for us!”
- Janie Hayden, Van-Far High School

Why an After Prom Magician?

Here are 3 reasons why an after prom magician is a great addition to your event:

1. Amazement. Your students will be wowed by our sleight of hand, close up magic. Many have seen magic on TV or in an auditorium. But few have ever beholded magic 2 feet away. And when $1 bills turn into $100s, sponge rabbits multiply right in a student’s tightly clenched fist, they are amazed!

2. Laughter. We incorporate comedy into our magic. So it is entertaining and fun, as well as amazing. Your students will laugh and have fun as they enjoy personalized tableside entertainment.

3. Great setting for magic. We perform at all sorts of events. In our experience, high school students at an after prom party are one of the best audiences we ever get. They really seem to enjoy close up magic. Their sense of amazement at the tricks and their laughter is contagious.

Strolling Close Up Magic


“Your magic continues to be a hit with the high school students. Everyone is still talking about your skill!”
- Florence Roschke, Ladue Schools

Strolling close up magic is what we most often provide for after prom parties. Each table of students gets their own, personalized show. The magic happens right under their noses! We incorporate humor into our magic to make it fun and entertaining for the students, as well as amazing!

Comedy Magic Show

We can also present a comedy magic show. This is a great way to give your students a common, shared experience of fun and amazement. They laugh and are wowed. The show can be presented on its own. Or, even better, let us precede it with some strolling, close up magic as a warm up. Then the show is the grand finale.

Project Graduation Magician

We’ve been talking about post prom parties. The above is also true of Project Graduation Parties. These, of course, are typically for graduating seniors the night of their graduation. Like after prom parties, project graduation celebrations are designed to keep the students safe as they celebrate their graduation.

Prom Afterparty Ideas

For 12 years I owned an inflatables rental company. We did loads of after prom and project graduation parties. We provided velcro walls, bungee runs, casino tables, cash cages, etc.  All of these are great. Magic is a great complement and provides an element that none of the others offer.

Inflatables. Many post prom parties have inflatables for the students to play on. These are very popular and provide physical fun. After a while, students get tired out from the inflatables, and sit down at tables to rest a little and have some food or drink. This is a great time for close up magic. It adds laughter and personalized entertainment—a great complement to the physical fun of inflatables.


"Thanks for your great show for our students. You were very personable and worked well with the students. I would recommend you highly."
- Dr. James Kerr, Triad High School

Casino games. These card and dice games can provide fun for a long time for students. The magic complements these by providing laughter & amazement.

Hypnotist. This is a popular stage show at post prom parties. Close up magic is a great warm up leading up to a hypnotist. Whereas the hypnotist is a stage show for a large group, close up magic complements this by providing more intimate, personalized tableside performances. Students enjoy the give and take interaction and comical bantering with the after prom magician.


Ready to book a post prom magician for your party? Or perhaps find out more information? Email or call us and let’s discuss how we can help make your post prom or project graduation party your best ever!