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Looking for a stand up magician?  With our Stand Up Comedy Magic Show, your guests will:

  • Laugh and have fun
  • Be amazed at the feats of the stage magician
  • Delight as some of their colleagues are called up to assist!


“I have received nothing but compliments on your fine prestidigitation.  Your performance at our dinner dance was enthralling to say the least.  I hope you will be available next year again, also.”

- Mary Lawton, West St. Louis County Chamber of Commerce

Stand up Magician

stand up magician

“Thank you for a most enjoyable performance.  Every attendee commented on your great style.”

- Blume Levinson, Fashion Exhibitors of America

In magic, there are 2 types:  the stand up magician and the close up magician. Stand up magic entails a show in front of everyone. It can be performed on a stage at a conference, in a banquet room at an awards dinner, or in front of a small group at a home or rehearsal dinner.

Close up magic is done at close range, for small group, generally strolling at a cocktail hour or open house.  Sometimes close up magic is performed with the magician seated at a table.

A combination of these two types can be the best of all.  For instance, warming up the crowd with roving, close up magic, then wowing them with an after dinner stand up magic show is a great one-two punch!

4 Types of Stage Magicians

Tuxedo and tails, white gloves, top hat.  Pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Is that what comes to mind when you think of a stage magician? Years ago this was more commonplace, but today things have evolved to where there are 4 main types of stage magicians:

Comedy Magic Show

A comedy magic show combines comedy and magic. There are a lot of laughs, great magic, and interaction with the audience with several lucky (?) attendees getting to assist in the show.  This is what I do. I'm known as a "suitcase act". My props play big but pack small, all fitting into a suitcase for easy travel, whether driving or flying.


An illusion show involves sawing people in half, levitations, people vanishing and appearing in the back of the audience,... These are big production (big budget) shows.  David Copperfield is perhaps the leading illusionist today. If you haven't seen his show at the MGM Hotel in Las Vegas, I highly recommend it if you are out that way.

Manipulative Act

stage magician

A manipulative act is pure, beautiful sleight of hand. Producing cards from thin air. Making lit candles vanish at the blink of an eye. Tossing up a dove only to have it come down as a white handkerchief. These tricks take years to master. They are the kind of tricks we aspire to do as young magicians, but bail out because of the hours of practice involved.

Lance Burton (pictured here) was perhaps the leading manipulative act before he retired a few years ago. Today many of the world's leading manipulative magicians are based in Europe and South Korea.


Kreskin and Uri Gellar popularized mentalism. Mentalists read minds in a variety of different ways. They can tell you the word you are thinking of, or the serial number of your dollar bill. They can be quite amazing.


Funny Magic Show

magic with a spectator from the audience

My goal is to provide great entertainment for your guests. As a comical stand up magician, here is the formula that I strive for to create great events:

Strong magic + Comical patter = Entertained Guests


“Thank you so much for your terrific entertainment at our meeting. There were so many positive comments about your magic show that I really didn't know what to do. Usually there will be one or two that complain, but we didn't hear anything negative. My sides are still hurting from laughing so hard. Your tricks were great...and I had a good time pointing out to you which people to "zap". I know you will be hearing from us again.”

- Becky Whitener, Professional Secretaries International

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