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“Jeff, you had everyone spellbound at our annual staff holiday party. We received nothing but accolades for your magic act. Your interpersonal skills are tremendous!”
- Linda Hunt, Lincoln County Memorial Hospital


Planning a holiday party?

Everyone loves magic--especially comedy magic.

What better way to celebrate the magic of the holiday season than with a Christmas party magician!

Holiday Entertainment Ideas

Our best offering combines 3 magical entertainments:

1.  Strolling Close Up Magic - A great way to get your guests loosened up and enjoying themselves during your cocktail hour!

2.  Comedy Magic Show - Lots of laughter & audience interaction.  We also offer a combination murder mystery/comedy magic show called Murder By Magic. More info below.

3.  Take-home tricks as a unique party favor. Your guests can amaze family and friends.

We can provide all or any of these fun entertainments to make your holiday party more memorable and special!

Christmas Magic Show

“Thank you again for your part in our X-mas Party. I've been told it was the best party yet!”
- Jennifer, TALX Corporation

Our Christmas Magic Show will get your guests laughing and having fun!

We incorporate a holiday theme, in keeping with the season.

If there are certain (preferably outgoing, fun-loving) guests you’d like us to involve as assistants during the show, we can try to do that and have some fun with them.

If Santa is making an appearance at your event, ask about a clever way we can bring him in at the end. Or we can make him magically appear!

Our Christmas Magic Show will create great memories for your attendees that they will talk about for a long time.

comedy magic with caped sleuth

What do you get when you combine a murder mystery and comedy magic?

A unique show that is highly interactive and a lot of fun!

Check out our Murder By Magic page for more info.

“Thank you for a wonderful magic show at our annual Christmas party. The show had everyone on the edge of their seats! Everyone has been talking about you and how much they enjoyed watching your act. The Santa Clause production was great as well.”
- Robyn Duenwald, Bull Moose Tube Company

People love experiencing magic at very close range, right under their noses!

If you are planning a sit-down dinner, close up magic during the cocktail hour, and the Christmas Magic Show after dinner is a great combination.

If people are coming and going to your event—e.g. an open house—walk around magic is a great addition.

Our Christmas magician provides your guests their own, personalized entertainment to get them laughing and enjoying themselves.

magical party favors - take home trickMagical Favors for Your Guests


When you send your visitors home with a party favor, make it a magical one, enabling them to amaze their friends and family! We can quickly teach them to perform their take home magic trick.

It can even have your organization’s logo printed on it.

Choose from 2 different ways we can do this. For more info, see our magical party favors page.

Hire a Christmas Party Magician

Ready to hire a magician for your Christmas or Holiday Party? Call or email for further information.