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Planning adult birthday parties can be tricky. You don’t want to just have people sitting around talking and opening gifts. There is not room for a band or a DJ.

Sure, you could play some games, but, then again, you can do that any time.

For adult birthday parties you want something more special.

What can you do to make the party fun and memorable? How about an adult magician?

“Thanks for sharing your magic at my husband’s birthday. You were the difference between a nice party and a memorable one!”

– Shirley Witwer

Milestone Birthday Ideas

If your party is a milestone birthday—35, 40, 50, 60, 70,…--it is even more special. An adult magician is a great choice to liven up a milestone birthday and make it memorable and extra special!

Adult Magician

An adult magician is very different from a kids magician. A kids magician employs silly gags, colorful costuming and props, and humor geared toward kids. With an adult magician, the magic is more sophisticated. There is more sleight of hand that will wow an adult audience. The humor is geared toward adults.

There are 4 types of entertainment an adult magician can provide:

Magic Show for Adults


Do you remember the sense of wonder you had as a child? Our magic show for adults brings back that wonder with magical entertainment that will wow your guests. They’ll be talking about this experience for a long time!

Our magic show for adults also has lots of comedy and audience interaction to get your guests hooting and howling with fun. If the birthday person likes to assist, we are glad to involve him in some of the tricks and have some good-natured fun.

See our Comedy Magic Show page for more info.

“Thanks for the great magic show you gave at my home last month. It was the highlight of the party. In fact, people are still commenting upon how much they enjoyed the show, especially your ability to interact with the audience at close range. Be assured that I shall be recommending you to my friends.”

– Laurence O’Connell

Murder By Magic Show

What do you get when you combine a murder mystery with comedy magic?  A highly interactive show that will get your guests laughing and talking about their experience for a long time!  Was it the butler?  Or perhaps the chamber maid? Your guests and our magic will help us figure out who did it in Murder By Magic!

Strolling Close Up Magic

Many people have never seen magic at close range. With close up magic, your friends each get an intimate, personalized show! Walk around magic is great on its own, especially if your guests are coming and going throughout the evening. It can also be paired with an adult magic show. The roving close up magic warms up the audience. The comedy magic show is the main event. See more info on our close up magic.

Evening of Magic Party

adult magician delights the crowd


If you want a whole evening of magic, we have a fun, unique idea for you. We provide 3 adult magicians, each of whom performs 20 minute close up shows for your guests.

Typically we divide your attendees into 3 groups. Each group goes to a different room to enjoy a different table magic show from one of the magicians. The groups rotate so that each person gets to enjoy 3 different close up magic performances, each with different tricks and a different magical style.

In between shows, your party goers can refresh their drinks, grab something to eat, and talk about what they just experienced!

For more info, see our Magicians Party page.

“Your talent for entertaining your observers is only matched by your ability to mystify and amaze them. We so thoroughly enjoyed your good humor and delightful comments as you performed your magic. Not only were we impressed by your style and professional capability, but so were the others.”

– Oliver Langenberg

Magicians Near Me for Adults

We are based in St. Louis, Missouri. Most of our adult birthday party shows are in MO or IL, though we are glad to travel to wherever you are.

Why us? Rather than us telling you, we’ll let our clients speak. See some of their comments above.

Hire a Magician for a Birthday Party

Ready to hire an adult magician for a birthday party? We’d love to learn more about what you’re planning and discuss ways we can help make it more successful. Please contact us.